If you are looking for a way to make the most of your next continuing education class, then consider tapping into your memory bank. By using your own personal insights and past experience, you may be able choose the best possible continuing education experience for you and your career as a massage therapist or bodyworker.

Start by thinking back to your previous learning experiences, whether these were other continuing education classes, your courses in massage or bodywork school, or even the learning of other skills, such as cooking or playing soccer. By reflecting on your successes, failures and feelings about past learning experiences, you may be able to figure out your favorite learning style, then pick a continuing education class that suits that particular style.

For example, if you remember enjoying those classes that were based on reading material, rather than those classes that involved more active participation, then you may find yourself enjoying a continuing education class that takes place online. However, if your favorite classes of the past consisted of much physical interaction, then you are most likely going to want to take a continuing education class on site and in person.

Of course, for so many of us, figuring out our most efficient and enjoyable method for learning is simply a matter of trial and error. You may need to experiment with taking certain continuing education classes online and others in person. You might find, for instance, that you are perfectly comfortable taking an online continuing education class when the topic is something like ethics or marketing, but that you would rather attend the continuing education class in person if you are learning a new technique or modality.

This type of trial-and-error experiment with continuing education can help you either confirm or reject your initial insights about the best method of learning for you and your practice. Just be sure to pay attention to how you are feeling and how well you are learning during these continuing education classes, so you can apply the new insights next time you enroll.

Besides pinning down your most efficient and enjoyable method of learning, there are also other details to weigh when it comes to selecting the right type of continuing education class. One such detail is going to be your schedule—how much time you have for continuing education classes between work and personal obligations.

For those massage therapists and bodyworkers who are juggling a full load of activities already, trying out an online continuing education class might be the best bet. Many of these Internet-based continuing education classes allow students greater flexibility in terms of logging on and “attending” the class. Another benefit for time strapped practitioners is that taking a continuing education class online does not involve commuting back and forth.

As you consider the flexibility of your schedule, you may also need to consult the limits of your budget in order to decide on the right continuing education experience. If you only have a certain amount of money to spend, then you will need to make sure that the continuing education class you choose fits the bill.