Headache is one of the pain conditions that brings clients to massage therapy. New research shows abused children are more likely to experience frequent headaches, including migraine, as adults.

The survey’s data was presented at the American Headache Society’s 52nd Annual Scientific Meeting in Los Angeles, California, this week.

“Using data from the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study of 17,337 adult members of the Kaiser Health Plan in San Diego, Gretchen E. Tietjen, M.D., of the University of Toledo College Of Medicine, and her team found that the number of ACEs showed a graded relationship to the likelihood of experiencing frequent headaches,” noted a press release from the American Headache Society.

“We looked at eight ACEs: emotional, physical or sexual abuse, witnessing domestic violence, growing up with mental illness in the home, having household members who were incarcerated or were abusing drugs, and experiencing parental separation or divorce,.” said Dr. Tietjen. “Each ACE increased the chance of frequent headache, and as the number of ACEs increased, so did the risk of frequent headache.”

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