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NEW YORK, NY – Currently the dependence on oil is an increasingly problematic issue, and AlternativeEnergy.com, a one-stop interactive community that provides original information on the latest alternative energy topics, is calling attention to energy conversation and working, as a community, towards the solution. AlternativeEnergy.com also includes an online, in-depth networking community that features off-beat entertainment with comedy acts and model-activists gone green. Through breaking news, discussions, products, widgets, RSS resources, entertainment, and “green collar” jobs, AlternativeEnergy.com caters to anyone who is interested in finding alternative sources of energy for economic, political, environmental, or personal reasons.

According to Doug Schiller, CEO of AlternativeEnergy.com, “This site is not exclusively for activists and environmentalists. AlternativeEnergy.com is a place where everyone from students and teachers to comedians and pin-up girls can come to learn, share and be entertained.”

While protecting the environment and finding alternative sources of energy are not laughing matters, the site’s philosophy encourages education through entertainment and engagement. AlternativeEnergy.com has teamed up with Chuck Roy, a semi-finalist on NBC reality show Last Comic Standing, as well as various comedians, to co-host this green comedy Web series three times a week, delivering accessible information about alternative energy. “I posted a video with wind-powered beer jokes,” says Mr. Roy. “Five days later, Doug is asking me for a comedy series. I’m tickled green at the audience response.”

Allowing site visitors to re-define the way they access their environmental information is one of AlternativeEnergy.com’s primary goals, as is creating a space where users can network, share and build communities based around the many alternative energy discussions. The site

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encourages visitors to become members, join or start groups, facilitate discussions, and to post comments. Users can post blogs, videos and photos on their own or others’ AlternativeEnergy.com page.

Providing up-to-the-minute information about energy, the environment and politics, AlternativeEnergy.com links site visitors to top news sources and stories worldwide. In addition, the Web site’s editorial staff consists of seasoned reporters and alternative energy experts responsible for developing original stories and blogs.

AlternativeEnergy.com is also a valuable tool for individuals looking to find “green collar” jobs. Teaming up with one of the top online job search companies, the Web site features a powerful green job search engine, connecting companies dedicated to protecting the environment and developing renewable or sustainable sources of energy with qualified job seekers who are equally passionate. 

Educating the public though entertainment, networking and news, the site also hosts weekly energy expert radio chats on subjects ranging from green cars and the job market to sustainable design and rising gas prices. There is a dedicated section geared to students and teachers, which provides links to additional online educational energy sites and provides games and class materials, and AlternativeEnergy.com encourages visitors to utilize its social networking features to exchange teaching strategies.

Tria Case, Executive Director, CUNY Sustainability Project said, “It was the ‘race to the moon’ that inspired numerous students to become scientists and engineers who thought outside the box. Today there are not enough students to think outside the barrel. Educational efforts like those found on AlternativeEnergy.com can help clearly convey the message.”

AlternativeEnergy.com was founded around the idea that the only solution to our dependency on oil is tremendous awareness. Everyone must make an effort to boost conservation, increase efficiency and work for the development and implementation of solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear, and biofuel power as viable solutions for alternative energy.