Commitment to Fitness Includes Massage, MASSAGE MagazineBeing committed to fitness can mean a number of things, and the definition of committed fitness tends to depend on the individual. However, many people may agree fitness is not a narrow concept. Instead, it can involve everything from exercise and diet to mental attitude and adequate rest. Here, we take a look at several important pieces of the overall fitness puzzle.

For starters, the word fitness tends to bring up images of various forms of exercise. For one person, fitness might involve a consistent routine of resistance training and cardio exercise. For another, the exercise portion of fitness might mean attending regular yoga classes and taking a jog several mornings each week. From riding bicycles and swimming laps to participating in aerobic exercise classes and lifting weights, there is a broad range of exercises that can fall into the category of committed fitness.

Perhaps one of the less obvious, but no less important, pieces of overall fitness is adequate rest. This is what happens in between those exercise sessions, and it can be crucial to maintaining one’s optimal fitness level. This is because the body does most of its healing and repairing and rebuilding during periods of rest—not during the actual exercise sessions. When resting, the individual who is committed to fitness will be allowing his or her muscles to build and recharge.

However, rest does not just mean sleeping. It can also mean taking a more active approach to the healing and rejuvenating aspects of fitness. In this sense, being committed to fitness can mean scheduling regular appointments with a massage therapist. Massage therapy fits into the picture of all-around fitness because it can serve to boost the health of both the body and mind. For example, an hour spent on the table during a massage therapy appointment can speed the repair of the body’s muscles, which are under stress during those exercise sessions.

If you know people who doubt the importance of massage therapy when it comes to high levels of fitness, provide examples of most major professional sports teams. These teams typically hire massage therapists to help their athletes stay in top form, prevent injuries or heal as fast as possible from existing injuries or setbacks. The intense rest and rejuvenation massage therapy can provide is a wonderful complement to the stress and strain regular physical activity can place on the body.

Of course, the power of massage therapy to boost and maintain one’s fitness level is not just for professional athletes. Any person who is committed to fitness can tap into the benefits of massage therapy as a counterbalance to exercise. For instance, many people who enjoy competing in marathons and other types of races will book massage therapy appointments on a regular basis to keep their bodies in top form.

Remember, being committed to fitness is not all about being active. It is also about taking care of your body by getting enough rest and seeking out massage therapy to help soothe sore muscles and prevent possible injuries.