This statement is written in response to the e-mail that Will Green recently sent to members of the International Massage Association (IMA). The purpose of this communication is to clarify and set the record straight regarding the liability insurance program offered by MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP).

MASSAGE Magazine, a trusted name since 1985, offers comprehensive liability insurance for the massage community, and several related disciplines.  The MMIP program is underwritten by Lloyds, London. Lloyds first began underwriting insurance in 1688 and today is the world’s leading specialist insurance market, conducting business in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.  Lloyds currently enjoys an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best and A+ (Strong) ratings from both Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poors.  Lloyds brings together an outstanding concentration of insurance underwriting expertise and talent, backed by excellent financial ratings.

Stratus Insurance Services Inc. (Stratus) serves as the broker for MMIP, as well as for at least two of the other prominent massage liability programs available today.  Their primary role is to facilitate the program’s compliance with individual state insurance regulations.  Alleged difficulties between Stratus and IMA’s President, Will Green, are unrelated to the MMIP program. That is something to be settled between Stratus and Mr. Green.  It should, however, be noted that Mr. Green, by his own admission in his recent e-mail, “sabotaged” the business and failed to forward $600,000 of premiums collected from IMA members to Stratus and the insurance company underwriting the IMA program.

Mr. Green states in his e-mail that all of the other associations have master policies that contain an aggregate limit, most of which he states are $10 Million.  He goes on to say that if combined payments to settle claims filed against all insured members in any policy year reach that threshold, there would be no coverage left for the next member filing a claim.  In the case of MMIP, these statements are inaccurate.  The MMIP program, underwritten by Lloyds, London, has no such master policy limit. Coverage for an MMIP insured member is not limited by the adverse claims experience of other MMIP members.

When it became apparent that IMA’s business was experiencing difficulties beginning in April 2010, MASSAGE Magazine had preliminary conversations with Mr. Green about a possible acquisition and other cooperative efforts to ensure continuity for the IMA members, but these discussions did not advance to the stage of a formal offer.

MMIP is a comprehensive liability insurance program for massage therapists, and several other related disciplines, which is priced 20 – 30% less than most of the other programs available today.

MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus includes:

  • Professional, General and Product Liability Insurance – $2 million per occurrence, $3 million annual aggregate, $2 million product aggregate – No master policy aggregate limits
  • Rental Damage Insurance $100,000
  • Occurrence Form coverage for General Liability; Claims Made coverage with two year extended reporting period for Professional and Product Liability

Bonus Insurance Coverage:

  • Stolen Equipment Insurance $1,000
  • Identity Protection Insurance $15,000

Additional Benefits:

  • FREE Business Web Site – Absolutely Free – No Hidden Costs!
  • FREE Directory Listing on
  • FREE Monthly Newsletter
  • Quik App – Instant Coverage

All of these features and benefits are available through MMIP for only $159 per year!

MASSAGE Magazine and MMIP look forward to serving you for many years to come.  We appreciate your business and your support.


MASSAGE Magazine and MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus