The New York Jets professional football team is using stone massage to keep players in top form.

The Jets are currently at their preseason training camp in Cortland, New York, and Head Athletic Trainer John Mellody contacted CoreStones‘s Co-Founder Dale Montelione in early summer and asked her to spend a day working with him and his team.

“I will be working with a range of professionals who’ve been assembled by the Jets athletic trainers to work with the team on their recovery day,” Montelione said. “The players will need it after their rigorous workouts and contact on the field all weeklong.

“I will respond to the specific condition of each player, determining whether heat or ice will be most beneficial,” she added.

This will be Montelione’s second time working with the New York Jets, according to a press release. The first was in April at the Jets’ training center in Florham Park, New Jersey.

Read the press release here.