, a free, user-generated global people search tool that allows users to search for and connect with other people for recreational, social and professional purposes launches this month bringing internet users a single online destination for all their people connection needs.

Available in 14 languages, the site has multiple network (and sub network) connection possibilities, including Arts & Culture (Dancing, etc.), Entertainment (Filmmaking, etc.), Health & Fitness (Yoga, etc.), Social (Dating, etc.) and Sports (Mountain Biking, etc.). Currently, there are 10 networks on, but the site will expand as users™ needs grow. In fact, the contribute feature permits users to suggest additional networks (and sub networks) that aren™t already listed.

It should be easy for people to search for each other online and connect for free. And a tool that helps them do that should be at their fingertips, says Alex A. Alexandrov, founder and CEO of That™s why I built PeopleJar.

Before the advent of even the internet-savvy who hoped to find and connect with people online were limited to singularly-focused, paid sites in their quests for love matches, jobs, employees with specialized skills or even running partners. And multi-category people connection needs required multiple paid website memberships. But, which also allows users to create profiles with photos, is different; the multi-purpose search and connection apparatus enables users to connect with one another through guided or custom searches and to save each search (or multiple searches) for as long as they choose. (For a video demonstration, visit:


Based in Beverly Hills, CA., is the brainchild of Alexander A. Alexandrov, 26. A 2003 magna cum laude graduate of historically black Alcorn State University, Alex realized the internet had a missing link while he was still a teenager living in Russia. As he explains it, he™d dreamed of studying in the United States. And, while he knew other Russians certainly had attended college here, he didn™t know any of them personally. So he took to the internet to find one such student who could talk to him about scholarship opportunities and his or her other American experiences. But over and over again Alex™s targeted searches, based on three specific characteristics, came up short.

Back then there was no tool or no web site that allowed me to do that kind of search effectively. That was the first time I really identified the void. I made it to the United States fine, but through the different stages of my life, I started noticing the exact same problem in different areas. For instance, I™m a skydiver, a runner and I used to play the drums and as someone who was new to this country I wanted to meet people who shared some of my interests. But, outside of joining clubs, there was no easy way to do that, Alex explains. An operations systems architect by trade, he decided to build the tool the world was missing. The result is