Hullo I have been a practicing therapist for about 20 years and just recently my husband gave me a gift cert. to get a massage at a recently opened massage chain in the area. At first i thought the idea of a chain was great as it made massage available to a lot more people due to the low cost per massage.I thought it would be good for the general public to be able to access massage and also learn more about it. I was very dissapointed when i walked into the business and was directed straight to the massage room allocated .After conversing with the appointed therapist -who had only just graduated out of the local massage school a week prior, i discovered he was being touted as knowing deep tissue and myofascial release massage and therapeutic massage when in actual fact all he was capable of was using a firm pressure as he was a big strong guy.His technique was lacking and he clearly did not have the knowledge or expertise required of an advanced modality practioner as he was being advertised to be . I do not blame the practioner for he was just happy to be hired in his first job opportunity but i do feel that the company should be more explicit about what their therapists are capable of .In his case it was a bad reflection on the massage community -and thus not good advertising for the massage profession at all. Furthermore -i was shocked to learn that the therapists there all worked as contract labourers and were not paid an hourly wage only a $10 -$15 fee per massage performed.They were expected to perform 8 massages a day- although according to my therapist that rarely happened.I find this to be total exploitation of young therapists and it also diminishes the value of our work as therapists. If these chains and franchises are to exhist then it would be good for prospective owners to be knowlegable about the profession and to be diligent employers who offer true oppotunities to respective employees and a good massage experience to the general public. The overall impression i had from this chain was that of a massage factory-where the owners had only one intent-lining their own pockets at the expense of others! Shame on them and God help our profession and integrity as therapists if this is the face of massages future!