Reflexology for Tension Headaches, MASSAGE MagazineIf you suffer from mild, occasional headaches, you may be able to find relief with a few simple self-massage techniques. 

Reflexology self-help for tension headaches

This treatment uses the reflex points associated with the spine and brain to help relieve the headache. This technique can be repeated every one to two hours, as needed. It can also be beneficial for toothaches, sore throat and the common cold.

Use your right thumb and index finger to pinch the tip of your left thumb. Apply firm pressure and hold for five seconds. Repeat 10 times. Repeat the entire sequence on your right hand. 

Healing Self-Massage, MASSAGE MagazineExcerpted from the book Healing Self-Massage: Over 100 simple techniques for re-energizing body and mind, by Kristine Kaoverii Weber.