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This MASSAGE Magazine Resource Center provides information about massage modalities and the equipment best suited to providing them.

A bounty of massage modalities is available today, for client enjoyment and therapist education. Although the term massage often refers to traditional Swedish massage, which is certainly still a key massage modality, the massage field has evolved and expanded to the point that massage is now an umbrella term encompassing many types of therapeutic care.

Under that umbrella live the preventive and healthful modalities that today’s massage client is increasingly aware of—and that today’s massage therapist is interested in learning and incorporating into her or his practice.

Many modalities are often utilized for specific physical conditions or a particular clientele. Some of the best-known massage modalities are infant massage, pregnancy massage, geriatric massage and sports massage. Acupressure, craniosacral therapy, muscle energy technique and chair massage are also popular modalities.

There are hundreds of modalities to learn, offer and, as a client, receive. Some modalities, such as myofascial release, target tight fascia. Others, such as Healing Touch, are considered energy work.

Numerous massage modalities are in use as hospitals and other medical venues. These include oncology massage, reiki and pediatric massage. Spas are oftentimes the birthplace of new massage modalities, as spas are continuously updating their unique service menus.

For massage therapists in private practice, learning a new modality lets clients know the therapist is a lifelong learner, dedicated to expanding her ability to address client complaints and conditions—and provide a session tailored to client needs.

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