With the recent launch of a Spanish-language back and neck pain center, SpineUniverse.com is now a leading provider of online medical information for the Hispanic population. The company developed this valuable resource for patients and doctors because it believes that Spanish speakers have not had adequate access in their own language to thorough, informative, and accurate articles on the most common spinal conditions and treatments.

Bill Paquin, CEO of SpineUniverse, comments on the website™s latest development: We believe that for the fast-growing Hispanic population in America”in addition to people in Spanish-speaking countries”there haven™t been a lot of easy-to-understand online resources for back pain. We intend to replicate our English-language success by becoming the most visited spine-focused website for the Hispanic community, and we™re committed to the continued expansion of our Spanish language content.

The Spanish language portion of SpineUniverse debuted with more than 70 articles on general back pain, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and spinal anatomy. Each article is a careful translation of a highly popular and authoritative existing English article on SpineUniverse.com. The initial articles cover common symptoms, causes, non-surgical treatments, and surgical options for the various back and neck conditions.

Geraldine Collado-Moulton, a television news reporter and co-founder of Fundaci³n Mariposa (Butterfly Foundation”online at http://www.butterflyfoundation.com/), is enthusiastic about SpineUniverse™s new Spanish-language section. Her foundation provides spine care for children throughout Latin America. Collado-Moulton comments, These Spanish articles will be a valuable resource for our medical teams in Spanish-speaking countries. We™ll refer patients and surgeons to these articles because we trust the information on SpineUniverse.”

The US Census Bureau reports that more than 34 million US residents speak Spanish at home. Now, Spanish-speaking back pain sufferers can easily find understandable articles to help them get real pain relief. Additionally, doctors with Hispanic patients can direct those patients to SpineUniverse.com to learn more about spinal conditions and treatment options for back or neck pain in the patient™s preferred language.

To visit SpineUniverse in Spanish and explore the content, go to http://www.spineuniverse.com/espanol/.

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