To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Moving Pictures: 5 Steps to Add Video Content to Your Massage Website,” by David Allan, D.C., in the July 2011 issue. Article summary: Adding video files to your website will give you a stronger connection to visitors to your site while providing a personal touch to your brand image. Both of these elements are extremely important when it comes to marketing your massage practice.

by David Allan, D.C.

Let’s take a look at a few websites and see how they are using YouTube videos to support and market their practice.

  • Here’s a three-minute video created by owner and therapist Cedar Martyn of Crystalline Healing in Los Angeles, California: She edited her video in iMovie and combines several marketing components that were discussed in my MASSAGE Magazine article.
  • Next, let’s take a look at several YouTube videos I’ve embedded on my website at These are videos I placed on my website to help promote my bodywork classes.
  • Here’s another website that has a personal introduction by Darlene Basch, L.C.S.W., of Transformation Therapy right on her home page: When I asked Darlene about her YouTube video, she said that a company called Therapick created her video.

Therapick might be an excellent resource to view many videos at once. Their business can be found at

There’s every good reason to post up a video on your website. It’s a personal touch that makes a great connection with your viewers, unlike any other marketing strategy.

Be creative and share your passions with your global audience. Of course, this will require you to step out of your comfort zone, turn on your creative mind and learn some new skills. But all the benefits you receive will far outweigh any pain or sweat it takes to bring video to your website.

David Allan, D.C., is a master bodyworker, chiropractor and internationally known teacher and lecturer for more than 30 years. He is also a musician, videographer and writer, and maintains a wellness practice in Los Angeles, California. Allan is the founder of 1-2-3 Wellness and Dr. Allan’s Global Institute of Integrated Touch.