From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Invest in your Career with a Dissection Seminar,” by David Kent, in the May 2010 issue. Article summary: There are many practice-building benefits associated with taking a dissection seminar. Among them: developing a reputation as a knowledgeable practitioner, building professional credibility, helping me feel more comfortable asking for referrals from physicians and helping patients with unique conditions achieve better outcomes.

by David Kent

1. How much hands-on dissection will I perform? The seminar is 80 percent hands-on dissection and 20 percent lecture to review the key structures to be dissected each day.

2. Are the cadavers safe? Yes, all cadavers have been released to our program through the appropriate governing authorities.

3. How is the air? The air-exchange system used in the lab continually replaces existing air in the lab with fresh, filtrated air multiple times an hour, making the process perfectly safe.

4. Do the cadavers have to be kept refrigerated? The solution used to embalm the cadavers allows them to be kept at room temperature.

5. How many students are assigned to a cadaver? Only six students are assigned to one cadaver, making class size limited. Register early to guarantee you’re in the class.

6. Can I take photographs or videos of the cadavers? Federal and state laws do not allow still or video photography in the lab.

7. How can I learn more? Visit or call (888) 574-5600.

David Kent, L.M.T., N.C.T.M.B., is an international presenter, product innovator and writer. His clinic, Muscular Pain Relief Center, is in Deltona, Florida, where he receives referrals from various health-care providers. Kent is president and founder of Kent Health Systems, which teaches Human Dissection, Deep Tissue Medical Massage and Practice Building seminars, and has developed a line of products, including the Postural Analysis Grid Chart™, Trigger Point and Muscle Movement Charts, Personalized Essential Office Forms™ and DVD programs. His next dissection seminar is scheduled for August 2010. Visit or call (888) 574-5600 for more information.