The transition from the classroom to a professional practice can be daunting. There are tests to take, decisions to make about what type of practice to pursue, state regulations to understand, and fees to pay. Graduating massage students may need additional guidance during this crucial time to make sure they can hit the ground running and establish themselves as professional massage therapists. Whether you’re a student about to graduate or an instructor who wants to share guidance with your graduates, the resources below are key starting points to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

We have compiled the lists below for both students and instructors as a thank-you to those who attended the roundtable discussion during the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education conference. Included are checklists to help navigate the transition from student to professional, multiple MBLEx study options accommodating a range of budgets, industry resources and more! Stay tuned as we will be updating this list after our roundtable to include additional resources. Stay in the know on all things massage by joining our mailing list below to receive the MASSAGE Magazine newsletter.

Student Resources

Instructor Resources

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