MM_online learningIn a field that focuses on healthy touch, it may seem odd to consider learning any aspect of the massage therapy and bodywork profession through online, home based continuing education. Massage therapy and bodywork are centered on one-on-one human interaction, with the touch therapist applying hands-on techniques. However, thanks to advances in technology and course development, home based continuing education can reach the same level as those classes that take place in person.

There is a common bias against home based continuing education in general, often based on a belief that taking classes online could never compare to learning in person. Within the field of massage therapy and bodywork, a bit of this bias may remain, but the overall view of home based continuing education seems to be changing given the rise in the number of quality home based classes that are now available.

Many of today’s home based continuing education classes not only involve videos, but also chat rooms, forums or other methods for easily interacting with other students in the class, as well as the teacher. The lessons from certain home based courses may even be taught in real time and streamed for the students to watch.

Developers of home based continuing education are also learning how to create these classes in a more effective manner. This might mean incorporating interactive graphics, lectures that can be listened to as many times as a student wishes and written materials that pair well with videos provided in the course.

Among the best aspects of the increase in quality and availability of home based continuing education courses is that practitioners now have the opportunity to learn a wider variety of skills from the comfort and convenience of their homes and offices. Today’s home based continuing education for massage therapists and bodyworkers is not confined to topics such accounting procedures and marketing, but has expanded to include lessons in a wide variety of hands-on techniques and modalities.

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