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Stephanie Hudson and Linn Sandall, licensed massage therapists who work for independently owned and operated Massage Envy franchised locations, were recently selected to be part of the Massage Envy brand’s first-ever national advertising campaign to highlight the rewarding career of massage therapy and bring awareness to the career opportunities available to massage therapists at independently owned and operated Massage Envy franchised locations nationwide. Both Hudson and Sandall have previously been recognized as Massage Envy Regional Therapists of the Year for their respective regions.  They are now appearing in the brand’s ads on television, online, radio, digital and social ads. television commercials and social media spots that began running in August. 

Here, Linn and Stephanie describe what they love about their jobs and how they are progressing in their careers.

Flexible Scheduling

When Stephanie Hudson was working as a massage therapist in a hair salon, she wasn’t able to reach the clients she wanted to work with. That changed for her when she started her job at a Massage Envy franchised location in Augusta, Georgia.

“At the hair salon, I was given a lot of wiggle room as far as scheduling, but I didn’t have the clientele that I have at Massage Envy,” Hudson said. “Massage Envy gives me both a flexible schedule and the clientele I was looking for.”

As part of a military family—Hudson is a veteran, and her husband is still serving—Hudson has found the ease of moving to a new Massage Envy franchised location has allowed her to continue in the career she loves. When she and her family moved to Fort Benning, Georgia, she was able to take a job as a massage therapist at the Columbus Massage Envy owned by David Blanchard and Lauren and Chuck Briscoe. Massage Envy’s flexible scheduling worked well for Hudson when she decided to change her work schedule from 45 to 24 hours per week.

Stephanie says massage therapy has been a great second career with a lot of flexibility. “I can literally work from just about anywhere, whether that’s from the comfort of my own home, a doctor’s office, resorts, hotels, cruise lines or even a sports team.”

Stephanie cites other benefits, too. “You get to meet all types of people from all different walks of life. And my time with Massage Envy has been low stress compared to serving in the Army. I have my choice of hours that I want to work. I have a solid book and I get to see my clients again and again. They trust me. They know that what I provide helps them feel relaxed or makes whatever the pain they may be having go away. That gives me a great feeling of accomplishment and pride.”

Working at an independently owned and operated Massage Envy franchised location has also given Hudson a valuable connection to her co-workers. “We’ve become like a family. We take care of each other. We learn and teach one another,” she shared.

That connection with her colleagues provides a foundation for professional support, said Hudson, who is on track to become a trainer/lead therapist at her franchised location—a foundation she said any massage therapist might embrace. “Be open-minded and be flexible,” she said. “It’s OK if you don’t have an answer for everything. That’s what your co-workers are there for—to help you.”

Her additional advice to massage therapists? Remember to take time off to recharge. “You can’t take care of others if you’re not taking care of yourself,” Hudson said.

The support she receives from her Massage Envy franchised location and her coworkers helps her provide massage that benefits her clients, said Hudson, who is certified in hot stone, prenatal and oncology massage, stretch and aromatherapy—and many of her clients have shared how they feel after receiving massage.

Client feedback, she said, has included that they love the massage they’ve received and that it’s one of the best massages they’ve ever had.

Positive Working Relationships

A great boss. Colleagues’ support. A schedule filled with returning clients. These are among the things Linn Sandall mentions when asked why working at her independently owned and operated Massage Envy franchised location is a good fit for her.

Sandall was drawn to work at the Massage Envy in American Fork, Utah, after meeting the location’s franchisee, Larissa Jones. “The way she talked about the culture at her location really drew me,” Sandall said. “I have the best job, the best co-workers, the best boss, and the best clients.”

“Larissa hired me when no one else would. I was on crutches at the time. She was so great about making sure that everything was accessible to me whether I was on crutches or in the wheelchair, from moving the lotion and oil to a lower shelf, to getting a stool that worked better for me. She also worked with me on my schedule, and she still checks in with me to make sure that I am doing well and not pushing myself too hard,” Sandall said.

Having worked for a Massage Envy franchised location since graduating massage school in 2018, Sandall works 22 to 27 hours a week. She has been promoted to a lead therapist at her franchised location. Of that promotion, she says, “I am very excited about this opportunity to continue to develop positive working relationships with the other therapists.”

Aspects of those positive working relationships, Sandall said, include feeling like her co-workers are also her friends, and the help they give one another.

Sandall has this advice for any massage therapist who might be considering applying for a position at a Massage Envy franchised location: Go for it. “If you want to work somewhere that supports you and makes it possible to do what you love to do, to help people and make a difference, you can find a home at Massage Envy,” she said.

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