Himalayan Healers needs your support to continue their important work. Founder Rob Buckley has empowered communities by focusing on their core mission. “Our mission at Himalayan Healers is simply this: to help our students to heal and to grow. That alone is what our entire efforts and enterprise is focused upon. While the other activities are incredibly motivating, inspiring and of true merit, our first and foremost concern is the facilitation of our student’s healing and growth–which they naturally carry with them to their families, their homes, their community and their clients.”

My Learning Library is proud to be a part of these fundraising efforts and are humbly offering up its online continuing education courses at deeply discounted rates to make continuing education requirements more affordable for you, at the same time allowing you to contribute to a worthy cause during the attainment of your continuing education needs.

To learn more about the work this distinguished organization performs, visit http://himalayanhealers.org/blog2/

Below you will find a complete list of our continuing education course offerings for this fundraising event:

Aromatherapy and the Seven Chakras (8 CEUs)

This course combines the healing power of aromatherapy delivered with essential oils applied to the seven chakra points located on the human body. The benefits are psychological as well as physical well-being. This course includes in-depth information on the seven chakras and how they impact the human body. Additional course lessons include information on essential oils and how they correspond to each chakra. You will learn how to create essential oil blends to be used with each chakra. A client intake is included to assist the massage therapist with gathering the necessary information to make informed choices when applying the essential oils and essential oil blends. The aromatherapy protocol can be utilized as a stand-alone treatment or as an add-on to one of your other offerings. For example you can add on the use of essential oils with your hot-stone treatment.

Fundraiser link: http://mylearninglibrary.coursehost.com/promo/HHF50_74765.

Deep Tissue Massage (8 CEUs)

Fundraiser link: http://mylearninglibrary.coursehost.com/promo/HHF50_74705.

This course focuses on the fascial layers, their purpose, their function and how they relate to deep-tissue massage. We will demonstrate Thumper acupressure techniques and deep-tissue massage techniques that show you how to unwind tight, soft tissue and break down adhesions that can block circulation, cause pain, limit movement and create inflammation. You will learn how to regulate and control your pressure while accessing deeper layers of soft tissue manually.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy (16 CEUs)

This course was designed to instruct the massage therapist on the therapeutic healing effects of hot-stone therapy. The deep heat penetrates the soft tissue allowing the client to relax. The course includes the benefits of hot stone, contraindications and the history of the basalt stone. Proper draping and stone layouts are covered in detail. You will receive an equipment and supplies list and instructions on how to set up for your hot-stone treatment. The versatile treatment protocol offers stress reduction, pain relief, reduces tension in soft tissue and can be used as a stand-alone treatment or can be incorporated into an existing protocol. The course ends with a sanitation process and proper stone storage protocol to eliminate cross contamination.

Fundraiser link: http://mylearninglibrary.coursehost.com/promo/HHF50_72922.

Prenatal Massage (12 CEs)

This NCBTMB-approved 12 hour continuing education course was designed to instruct the massage therapist in prenatal massage. The course includes benefits, contraindications and an informed consent release form for the pregnant client. You will be guided through proper use of the prenatal massage wedge in the supine and the side-lying positions. The prenatal massage protocol allows the massage therapist the freedom to choose which client body positions should be used to insure the optimal prenatal massage experience for your client. The protocol can be utilized with all women in all stages of their pregnancy including postpartum massage. This will allow the massage therapist the freedom to capture the entire prenatal and post natal massage market.

Fundraiser link: http://mylearninglibrary.coursehost.com/promo/HHF50_73337.

Salt Scrubs and Mud Wraps (16 CEUs)

This is a dry-room technique. Spa services are the fastest growing segment of the massage industry. The objective of this spa class is to equip therapists with the necessary knowledge and hands-on instruction, so that they may incorporate this spa treatment into their existing practice and menu of services. A warm towel is placed on a specific body part, and folded back exposing the skin. The skin is exfoliated. The exfoliation process moves around the body beginning with the client face down. The client is turned over and the exfoliation process moves around the front of the body. Warm mud is applied to the body. The body is wrapped in a plastic sheet, thermal blanket, blanket and sheet. The client rests for 15 minutes. The mud is removed with warm towels and the client is then rehydrated.

Fundraiser link: http://mylearninglibrary.coursehost.com/promo/HHF50_75690.