San Diego 5/05/2009 02:50 AM GMT (TransWorldNews) Asian furniture retailer Tansu, known for its environmentally friendly designs, today announced the addition of natural Asian bedding to its collection. Organic bedding, according to the website, is a better choice for those who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivity, as well as those who wish to create a more “green” lifestyle.

Traditional bedding, while often created from natural fibers such as cotton or silk, is often exposed to harsh chemicals during processing. These chemicals are intended to bleach, dye, or fire-retard the fibers, but can actually irritate the skin and lungs even after laundering. Even natural fibers like cotton may be grown with pesticides, which wreak havoc throughout the environment and may potentially be harmful to consumers. Organic bedding, on the other hand, is eco-friendly, soft, and worry-free. This natural bedding contains no artificial dyes or bleaches, and is free of potentially dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, like other linens can contain. Those who suffer from chronic allergies, asthma, sensitive skin, or other conditions may benefit from healthier bedding options.

“It was really an easy choice to begin carrying natural bedding,” said Tansu spokesperson Ben Harvey. “We have committed ourselves to providing high quality materials that are also friendly toward the environment. With as many platform beds and oriental furniture as we sell, it makes perfect sense that we should offer eco-friendly bedding to go along with them.” Tansu offers a variety of bedding options, ranging from sheets and pillowcases to blankets, duvet covers, and throws. Specializing in Asian bedding, the website features organic fabrics in Japanese and Indonesian styles.

Tansu is an internet retailer of sustainable and environmentally conscious Asian furniture pieces, including platform beds, dressers, dining tables and chairs, and more. For more information, visit