Well-respected healer, Cedar Martyn, owner and founder of the Crystalline Healing Center, today spoke about an extraordinary healing treatment that literally transforms lives. Inspired by her years of work with countless numbers of clients, Ms. Martyn shares her insight into how Crystalline Healing gives users a new lease on life.

Los Angeles, CA (MMD Newswire) May 5, 2009 — During these times many of us have begun exerting great effort towards improving our health and well-being. In all likelihood we make promises to ourselves to get our health back on track and we’ll set affirmations in the hopes of getting us on the right course. Instead of struggling with broken promises, depression, ill-health, or challenges to our well being, an amazing treatment known as Crystalline Healing is available to the public.

Crystalline Healing Center is a center of Divine Light and New Earth energy. Featuring an intimate, angelic heart centered space for deep healing and transformation, the healing process focuses on supporting people on the Ascension path. However, the most unique aspect of Ms. Martyn’s work is incorporating Crystalline Energy Healing into each of her massage sessions. Working intuitively in a manner known as “Lotus Touch” she masterfully creates a fusion of different healing modalities into each session.

Far more than just a massage, Crystalline Healing Massage embodies the true meaning of healing. Literally transporting the participant directly into the warm recesses of the Divine, it is a revolutionary healing method that sets a new standard for massage. Receiving outstanding press from clients and experts in the healing field, Crystalline Healing is without question an extremely powerful and important healing process.

Pocket Change: Best Alternative Massage 2009

As the name suggests, Crystalline Healing enables total body restoration. Working with the mysteries of divine light, therapists fuse aromatherapy with massage and crystalline healing, a form of energy work channeled through the hands, for healing on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. The Lotus Touch harnesses a variety of therapeutic techniques, including Swedish and vortex healing, to draw out the negativity trapped within the body. The sweet aroma therapy of the Young Living Oils and the natural sounds of trickling water create a sanctuary that feels like a slice of heaven. www.pocketchangenyc.com

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