Having been a Reiki practitioner for 15 years before becoming a licensed massage therapist, it is impossible for me to separate these modalities. I have the skills to discern through my six senses how my energy is in contact the energy anatomy of the client. What a blessing that science has developed machinery to measure these electromagnetic fields we humans generate! Now in the practice of tissue manipulation for relaxation, toxin clearing and the unwinding of fascia, I have the power to generate heat or cold and move energy with less physical strain for me and less pain to the client. All massage work is “quickened” by having the energy piece; meditative states are induced sooner, deeper layers soften more easily and the client’s body shows my hands where to go next as the energy channels open. I do also have qigong and shamanic training. These practices have trained me to recognize when and how to move out of the way of logical thinking so to enter the intuitive process of healing. This introduces the realization to the client that their well-being depends on their awareness of the connection between their mind and body. The onus of having to “fix” people is removed as this holistic education sinks into the tissues and issues at hand. In this sacred journey of expressing who we are as we develop, discovering energy to be the Love and Light within is a miracle available to all!