Chains in general are OK in my opinion. Certain chains that offer cut rate massages for a membership price, is a problem. A client that pays a monthly due and a single charge for a service cuts the money earned per massage. In the long run if a therapist can do 40+ massages in a week, they will make good money. The real cost is the toll on the therapist body. Hiring student straight out of schools to put them in this operation literally picks them up and spits them out when they are no longer usable. The thought that a client can receive a massage and save money makes good sense. Most young therapist have no idea that by working in a business that pays $17 p/h is lowering the industry pay, how would a client? Bottom line is that spas that treat therapist well and keep in mind that quality, not quantity, are not a problem . Moreover commercial spas are good for keeping standards and convenience for the public. Spas that see only a profit margin not a person are the problem.