There are two sides to the story really with franchises. They are a great place for massage therapists to start and to also see what they want and don’t want. It is a good place to get training and experience working with clients and just doing massage. It is a great place to learn about running a massage business. They are also doing a great job of advertising massage and I have seen ads in Oprah and on TV for massage. Not everyone who goes there signs up for a membership. In fact last I read on Massage Mag. that there was something like a 25% sign up rate leaving all those other people as potential clients looking for more massage. Each franchise is different really and the owners/managers vary but most are really giving massage a bad name in the eyes of the massage therapist from some of the things I hear massage therapists talking about – low pay, long hours, no breaks, no benefits, getting injured on the job doing too many massages. The owners for the most part are not massage therapists and are just out for the money. People getting low cost massage may not be able to afford more but they also don’t realize that they could be getting a better massage from someone more motivated and not so stressed out by working for such low pay. The idea of getting a massage once a week is a good start but falls really short. I think everyone needs a massage once a week. Could there be world peace if that happened?