I have found that masssage chains affect the public view on professional massage in different ways: 1) it may increase people’s views in a positive manner by having a clean, healthy, relaxing environment in a professional building with visible licensure versus going to someone’s living room or den. 2) Many chain businesses offer massage in package or “Club Membership” deals that allow people to afford to come more frequently. However, by mass marketing, a lot is lost in regards to the individual therapist, who has to pay over 50% of the fee to the spa chain and has to work harder to make ends meet and have an identity. The biggest problem is the blow to the MTs not involved with the chains that not only have to compete with many new therapists every few months, but with chains that offer almost half the price. With the current economy, it is difficult enough to get people in the door, and they would rather go to a spa with no training for their pathology than pay full price to someone with twice the schooling. This is yet another example of the need for mulit-tiered licensing. If Spa/Relaxation Therapists had one license, and Clinical Therapists had another license that allowed them to receive full insurance coverage, then there wouldn’t be such issues.