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ATLANTA, GA, Nov. 13 – Beginning January, 2024, Equine Cupping USA offers the first continuing
education certified Equine Cupping Course to be taught in the United States for licensed
massage therapists practicing equine massage therapy. Using a hybrid education structure, part
one is offered online and part two is an in-person, hands-on practicum to teach the practice of
equine vacuum cupping. The schedule of each part may be found at https://equinecuppingusa.com .

The National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM) has
certified Equine Cupping USA for continuing education for Equine Care Professionals. The
course blends comprehensive knowledge in equine myofascial anatomy and biomechanics with
practical training in the operation of specialized equine cupping machinery, and the essential
insights required for the effective practice of equine cupping.

“I was teaching vacuum cupping to my personal massage therapist. She asked me whether I
could do cupping on horses?,” recalls Debra Redman, LMT and Equine Care Professional.
Debra’s research revealed that equine cupping is used in Europe. Working with the
manufacturer to clear customs, the first real equine cupping machine was imported in 2021.
“The decision to import the machine was easy after realizing that human cupping machines and
traditional cupping devices designed for human skin would not work on horses.”

Building off her 27 years of education in massage therapy, equine anatomy and biomechanics,
Debra developed an assessment protocol and techniques for using glass cups specifically
designed to properly and safely apply vacuum cupping to horses. An experienced equine care
professional will possess an intermediate level knowledge of equine anatomy, physiology, and
biomechanics that contributes to an ability to effectively apply cupping to alleviate inflammation,
increase recovery, improve circulation, and promote relaxation for horses.

People are wondering whether they must purchase the machine in order to obtain the
certification. The answer is “No. This course is designed to introduce equine cupping to the
United States. If a massage therapist decides to add this as a service to their equine care
practice in the future, they will be making an informed decision and will be able to pay for the
machine quickly precisely because they have been certified in its proper usage,” says Debra

The NCBTMB will offer 14 CE hours. The NBCAAM’s CEs offer 6.5 General Learning and 7.5
Skills Learning hours. Prerequisites apply.

About Equine Cupping USA:
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Media contact:
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