The Internet is no passing trend. This incredible technology is here to stay, and it can benefit you, as a bodyworker or massage therapist, in more than one way.

One of the main complaints brought against technology, especially the Internet, has been the fact that such huge advances in technology have led to less and less human interaction—including human touch.

This certainly may be a negative effect of the Internet age, but hopefully it’s one massage therapists and bodyworkers can help alleviate, by providing that healthy touch so many people may be lacking.

In some senses, massage therapists and bodyworkers may stand to benefit from the Internet age, as they can provide the human touch and close interaction that seems to be dwindling as technology thrives.

Another way in which touch therapists may benefit from the Internet is in the realm of continuing education. Gathering a certain amount of continuing education credits is something most massage therapists and bodyworkers must do in order to maintain their credentials. This is the case in nearly every region that regulates massage.

One way in which the Internet can come in handy when it comes to continuing education is by allowing massage therapists and bodyworkers to do their homework on what kind of continuing education they need, how many credits they must earn and who offers the best classes.

Knowing what your state or regional massage board requires in the realm of continuing education is key to enrolling in the right courses and earning credits toward the renewal of your massage license.

Technology also aids busy bodyworkers and massage therapists by offering the option of enrolling in and attending continuing education courses online. This is a wonderful alternative to taking a class on campus, especially for those touch practitioners who live in rural areas, have incredibly busy schedules or are on tight budgets.

By taking your continuing education class online, there is no need to spend money on fuel—whether it’s gas for your car as you travel to and from the classroom or tickets for traveling to a destination continuing education course.

Internet classes also mean more time to continue your daily practice and devote to your personal life as well. The busy massage therapist saves the time it would take to travel to and from the class and also has the option of squeezing in the continuing education during lulls in his or her schedule.

Such flexibility is a blessing for those bodyworkers who may have kids or other pressing responsibilities, on top of a full slate of massage appointments.

Take advantage of technology when it comes to continuing education. The Internet will help you figure out exactly how many and what kind of credits you need in order to maintain your massage credential, and you can use the Web to read reviews on specific teachers and classes.

If you’re busy, on a budget or live in a remote area, the Internet can be crucial to getting top-notch continuing education, for it offers the option of attending classes online.

—Brandi Schlossberg