The Australasian College of Health Sciences (ACHS)in Portland, Oregon, has launched seven new career-oriented credential programs beginning January 2009.

The College developed these one-of-a-kind programs to meet growing industry demand for accessible, holistic health career training.

Specially designed to meet the needs of higher education’s fast-growing population–non-traditional students–ACHS now offers greater access to viable CAM-based careers and businesses. As alternative holistic health continues to increase in visibility and desirability, the College will continue to develop course offerings and programs that service the needs of a growing profession.

History tells us that in times of national economic uncertainty, higher education is the go-to solution for professional re-tooling and development. Yet, today, many non-traditional students are unable to attend traditional, daytime classes. The increasingly viable solution is accredited, online education. Students who enroll in one of the Australasian College’s career-oriented credential programs: 1) receive accredited education for a sustainable career in the growing holistic health industry; 2) save money by minimizing transportation costs; 3) and can continue to work while completing their studies, because ACHS courses are available from any computer, 24 hours a day,

365 days a year.

The College’s new career-oriented credential programs include:

Certificate in Herbal Retail Management, Certificate in Natural Products Manufacturing, Certificate in Holistic Nutrition Consulting, Certificate in Iridology Consulting, Certificate in Homeopathy Consulting, Certificate in Dynamic Phytotherapy Consulting, and Certificate in Wellness Consulting.

Program graduates will prepare for careers in: holistic health consulting, health food retailing and management, herbal and aromatherapy product manufacturing, wellness and community education, holistic nutrition, professional health care continuing education, and more.

Credential programs range from three to five courses, and can be completed in a minimal investment of one term with full-time, concurrent enrollment.

VA funding is available, which makes it easy for U.S. Armed Forces servicemembers, military spouses, and veterans to maximize their education benefits and invest in their future with a career in holistic health.

Additional course descriptions, registration requirements, and funding information are available through the ACHS Admissions Department. Visit or call (800) 487-8839, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Pacific Standard Time.

*For information about this release, contact Lauren Shapiro at (800) 487-8839 or