Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and The Integrative Healing Society have announced their plans to hold a Chinese Medicine training program from 10/2-10/17/09 in Hang Zhou, China. This tour will allow foreign students the chance to study acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Asian bodywork at a major University in China, and earn credits from the NCCAOM.

Hang Zhou, China (PRWEB) June 24, 2009 — Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZJCMU) has partnered with The Integrative Healing Society (IHS) to allow doctors and students from all over the world a chance to study Chinese Medicine in China. The two-week program, which is approved by the NCCAOM, will be held in Hang Zhou from 10/2-10/17/09. It includes 30 hours of clinical observation, 20 hours of lectures, and is to open doctors, acupuncturist, herbalists, massage therapists, and students.

Participants in the program will get to choose what clinical departments they want to study in. The three major departments they can choose from include acupuncture, Asian bodywork, and herbal medicine. Those who choose to study Chinese herbs can select from a variety of sub-specialties.    

During clinical hours participants in the acupuncture department will be able to witness a wide variety of patients being treated for numerous conditions including apoplexy, cervical disc protrusion, sciatica, arthritis, and more. “The clinical departments allow for participants to witness how Chinese medicine is practiced in busy hospitals in China. This can have a profound benefit on helping therapist’s improve their clinical skills, and increase their efficiency in managing high patient volumes,” said James Spears, the president of IHS.

In the busy acupuncture and herb clinics it is common to see a number of doctors whirling about an endless stream of patients that fill the treatment rooms and waiting halls. Dr. Chen of Long Hua Hospital in Shanghai will often see 40-50 patients before noon, and this is evident when you see him quickly needling one patient after another in rapid succession. The way he skillfully moves between patients and students in the crowded treatment room is a testament to his 20 years of experience.

When asked about the significance of studying in China, James responded, “Anyone seriously interested in acupuncture, Asian massage, or herbal medicine, should make at least one trip to China. The techniques and treatment methods they employ are much different than what most Western trained acupuncturists and therapists are using. The hospital setting also lends incredible insights in how to treat difficult conditions and manage complex cases.”

Also included in the Chinese Medicine Tour are lectures on numerous topics including cancer, digestive diseases, women’s health, asthma, and injuries of the muscles and tendons. The lecture series are designed to cover common conditions that are often encountered in a family practice setting.

With the alliance formed between ZJCMU and IHS it is the goal that doctors, acupuncturists, and students the world over, will have the opportunity to study Chinese Medicine in University Hospitals in China. “There is an important bridge that is being formed in medicine and this involves the integration of conventional medicine with alternative medicines that have been proven to work. With the long history of acupuncture, and its endorsement by the World Health Organization, it is evident that health care systems need to embrace the benefits of therapies like acupuncture and massage,” said Dr. Briggs one of the co-founders of IHS.

For additional information about the news contained in this report, or to learn more about this and other tours offered by IHS, contact James Spears or visit Acupuncture Tours in China.

The Integrative Healing Society offers educational tours to Asia for doctors and students to learn various Asian healing arts including: acupuncture, herbal medicine, acupressure, tuina, and Thai massage. IHS also offers personalized healing retreats at numerous tropical islands throughout Thailand, and assists acupuncture, massage, and herbal medicine schools in developing study abroad programs.

James Spears M.S.
Director, The Integrative Healing Society