As a student of massage therapy, many times you will look to the near future and decide what you will be doing with your newfound career. You pretty much have three options, which in turn, can become new and promising opportunities. You can decide to become an employee working in a Day Spa for example. Or, you might decide to work in some one else’s massage therapy practise, or set up your own massage business.


If you decide you want to work in a Day Spa or work for someone else, don’t think you aren’t responsible for getting new clients. Let’s examine these three options and how each one works, and, how you can make your desired preference work.


Working for someone else as a Massage Therapist in a Day Spa is just like any other job. But the beauty with this is that you are working in a job you love. The pay may not be much different to any other job you’ve had, but you will enjoy it a lot more. It’s always best to check what is entailed with the job. Do you get paid per hour, or per client? Are you paid for waiting for clients or are you paid regardless? Don’t think that just because it’s a Day Spa, it will be like any other job arrangement. You’re now entering new territory. Always seek advice from your association first.


So what about working in a specialised Massage Therapy clinic? Usually this entails working for another Massage Therapist. They would have business up from scratch. They will be looking to replace themselves in you and it’s always best to get a full overview of how this person works, because guaranteed there won’t be many procedures or manuals to follow. You may be paid per sessions at a commission. And they will have high expectations and its best to find out what those expectations are first, before signing any contracts or subcontractor agreements.


And here we come to the most difficult, yet most rewarding option of all: Your Own Business. Your own massage business will be the most challenging thing you will experience professionally. When it gets going and you have clients supporting your lifestyle then it will be the most euphoric thing you will experience professionally.


You must plan and prepare carefully and vigilantly if you want to go into business for yourself. It’s a big leap. It’s not a hard thing; it just takes careful planning and your head sitting straight on your shoulders.


You’ll make more money this way, pick your hours of work and keep all the money you make. But you’ll also have to pay your own tax, buy every single massage supply, don’t get paid when you don’t work and always be responsible for the bodies that come through the door.


All three options take planning and all are as rewarding in different ways. Always seek professional advice first and don’t forget to focus on your new career with open eyes and a positive approach.


Amy Roberts is a massage therapist and massage therapy business coach. Her Web sites, and teach massage therapists around the world how to get more clients quickly and easily, and keeping them coming back. Amy has regular business video tutorials available on her marketing Web site.