BANGALORE (Reuters) – Health insurer Aetna Inc. said on Monday it had appointed an independent panel of doctors to decide on rescinding policies that were obtained by false or incomplete information, effective immediately.

The review will be conducted by a three-member panel from MCMC LLC who will have the final say on rescinding individual and family policies, Aetna said.

The company added it had a rescissions rate of less than 0.03 percent of all individual policies, a majority of which were due to insurance fraud.

Rescission, unlike cancellation for failure to pay premiums, is when an insurer believes a consumer lied or omitted relevant health information from a policy application.

However, the cancellation of health coverage after a person fell sick has become a national issue in the United States.

“This issue has generated much public attention for our industry, and we want to address it head on,” Chief Executive Ronald Williams said in a statement.

Earlier this month Health Net Inc. in a settlement with the California Department of Insurance, reinstated medical coverage to 926 people whose policies it had rescinded.

Other U.S. health insurers include Humana Inc., Cigna Corp, and UnitedHealth Group.