StreamSend, a leading email marketing solutions provider, today announced breakthrough results for client New England Data Services.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) September 10, 2008 — [StreamSend], a leading [email marketing] solutions provider, today announced breakthrough results for client New England Data Services.

New England Data Services (NEDS) is an industry leader that provides data center-managed services to small and medium sized businesses. Unlike many data centers, NEDS has made a commitment to foster ongoing, one-to-one relationships with its customers – starting with a new website that is a rich resource for both customers and prospects:

Communicating this competitive advantage demanded steady, easy-to-administer messaging that would effectively reach interested businesses. Meanwhile, direct marketing was putting a dent in the marketing budget for a return of less than 1%, and in-house emailing attempts were proving to be too complicated and time-consuming to be successful.

NEDS reviewed numerous email services providers and decided on permission-based e-mail marketing solution StreamSend, finding advantages in execution, cost and service.

Across the board, NEDS found what it needed with StreamSend, starting with ease-of-use that let NEDS administer its email campaigns without unnecessary time demands. And although StreamSend proved to be the least expensive of any service reviewed, it also delivered maximum benefits to NEDS in terms of deliverability.

Receiving a private Internet Protocol (IP) address, like all StreamSend customers, helped NEDS avoid being clumped with spammers who might share an IP. Through ongoing, expert service and a host of tools, StreamSend helped guide NEDS through the process of building an online reputation as a trusted emailer, a reputation critical to successfully negotiating emails through Internet Service Providers (ISPs). StreamSend was also able to help NEDS fine-tune its email content, supplying templates and tips to fit viewer preferences.

Using StreamSend, NEDS has built a successful email campaign program from the ground up. After emailings, NEDS site views regularly increase by more than 400%. Visitors — interested viewers who explore the site — increase by 300%. And lead generation from the website alone has increased 10% overall.

"Having committed to surpass data centers’ typically passive role in maintaining customer relationships, our choice of email provider was critical – and we made the right decision," said Brian Duke, senior marketing executive, New England Data Services.
‘The more we use StreamSend, the more results we see. Our success has let us cut back on other marketing expenditures, so that we save money while increasing revenue and building strong relationships with both customers and prospects."

About StreamSend
The StreamSend Email Marketing Service is the most comprehensive and cost-effective permission-based e-mail marketing suite available, used by marketers, entrepreneurs, online retailers and resellers around the world. StreamSend offers a number of industry-leading, standard pricing plans and also has a strong email marketing reseller program. StreamSend is the flagship product of web hosting and design company EZ Publishing, founded in 1998.


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