I use medical aromatherapy with certified organic, therapeutic grade, purity tested essential oils only. It may seem like overkill, but I and my client base are generally health-challenged, so quality means a lot to us. Before using any oils, I check my clients’ health intake forms to be sure there are no contraindications. Over time, I created three basic formulas that I blended with various massage base oils: One formula contains a blend of around five oils and is specially formulated to stimulate the immune system in a number of ways. This formula was initially developed for my cancer patients, but also gets used for anyone with compromised immunity. The second formula is a blend as well, but contains primarily grapefruit essential oils and is used used mostly for my athletes and those needing a little lymphatic help. Finally, there is the less often used but wonderful abdominal formula. This cannot be used on pregnant women or those with high blood pressure, but it really helps to stimulate the major digestive organs. I rarely diffuse essential oils, for it would not be good for me to be inhaling them daily when they are this therapeutic, but if a client comes in with a cold or other sickness, an in-the-moment diffusion to help whatever situation has presented itself, comes in handy. Not everyone appreciates scent, regardless of the health benefits, so I do my best to keep my office air clean and free of both essential oils and incense.