Starting a new eco-friendly Christmas tradition has never been easier with Ecorations addition of two new reusable fabric gift bag products to its 2009 holiday collection. The new 100 percent organic Santa Sack and holiday gift tote add to Ecorations collection of innovative, stylish gift bag designs for a variety of occasions.

Clemmons, NC (PRWEB) August 27, 2009 — For all the joy of receiving gifts, the holiday season can be a remarkably wasteful time (case in point: that huge pile of discarded wrapping paper following the unwrapping frenzy). Offering a smarter way to gift in style, Ecorations has introduced a tote and 100 percent organic cotton Santa Sack to its line of, reusable fabric gift wraps and bags.

  • Plastic garbage bags be gone. Ecorations’ new 100% organic cotton Santa Sack ($18.50) is a more attractive and eco-friendly way to cart gifts to and fro. Like a beloved stocking, it is destined to become a treasured seasonal item incorporated into your Christmastime traditions. (For a personalized look, monogram the oversized bag, which measures 22 ¾ inches tall and 13 ½ inches in diameter.)
  • Create a new, “green” tradition. The reversible tote ($12.99), offered in two decorative motifs, is the eco-chic answer to the standard disposable gift bag. Filled with wine and other goodies, and toted to a holiday party, it’s the gift that keeps giving: Your host can save it, reuse it or–if you’re lucky–give it back to you.  

Ecorations, LLC is a web-based company launched in May 2008 by Kathy de Jong and Debora Owens. The concept was inspired by de Jong’s Dutch mother-in-law, who once presented Kathy with a Christmas gift wrapped in a burlap tote–only to promptly ask for it back (promising that she’d “see it again next year”). Today, Ecorations hopes to spread this lovely, timeworn tradition to the rest of the world.

Founded with the mission to reduce waste and shift standards in gift giving, the company is committed to quality and innovation “where green meets smart and chic.” Its bags and wraps are made in the U.S. of high-quality fabric, making them durable throughout years of reuse. Additional gift bag designs, including an apparel box wrap, structured pouch and wine bottle bag, come in several sizes (to fit any gift) and 10 reversible fabric combinations for a variety of occasions.

High-resolution images of the Holiday 2009 collection are available upon request. For additional information, and to view the entire Ecorations line, visit