LOS ANGELES, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ — This Labor Day, as employment falls an average 66,000 jobs per month and unemployment is expected to rise to six percent by year's end, many people are wondering, "Where's the money?" IBISWorld, one of the nation's most respected independent publishers of business intelligence research, takes a look at the latest U.S. employment trends, including the top performers, wealthiest regions and highest wage growth:

Surviving the Slump

While construction and manufacturing industries are shedding jobs, other sectors remain unscathed this year when it comes to performance and employment:

— Health Care – With a growing trend in home health care and an increasing demand from an aging population, this sector added 368,000 jobs in the past year alone

— Mining – adding 222,000 jobs in the past five years, this sector is largely on the back boom in demand from developing nations such as China, India, Russia and Brazil

Golden States

For some people, fattening their paychecks may be as simple as relocating to one of the top-five regions with the highest average annual wage:

     1. District of Columbia - $64,150     2. Massachusetts - $49,070     3. Connecticut - $47,680     4. New York - $47,610     5. New Jersey - $47,100  

Winning Wages

According to IBISWorld, the industry to outpace all others in terms of average annualized growth in wages is Voice Over Internet Protocol Providers (VoIP); set to hit 21.8 percent by 2012. Although VoIP is 16 percent ahead of its nearest competitors, other industries are likely to see an impressive wage growth as well:

— Technical and Trade Schools; Test Development and Educational Support Services; and Live Music, Events and Sports Entertainment Promotions – all tied with 5.7 percent

    -- Fashion Design Services - 5.6 percent     -- Social Advocacy Organizations - 5.1 percent     -- Laboratory Testing Services - 5 percent  

IBISWorld also expects to see strong job growth in physical therapy, interior design, retirement communities, ambulance services, IT support, customer relationship management and business process services.

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