Yes It’s Organic, an online store, expands to offer eco friendly logo branding on 100 percent organic cotton shopping bags. Perfect for Farmer’s Markets, or other green businesses, these bags are branded using eco friendly inks to meet individual needs.

St. Louis, MO, May 06, 2009 –(– Recognizing that Farmer’s Markets are inherently eco friendly, Ed Mass, President and Founder of Yes It’s Organic (, decided he’d expand to better serve them. The store now offers 100% organic cotton market bags branded using eco friendly inks.

Yes It’s Organic is an online store that features only organic and eco friendly textiles. Targeting Farmer’s Markets is a natural fit. “Farmer’s Markets promote local and sustainable farming and foods,” says Mass, “And our store is founded on living sustainably. That’s why we want to help Farmer’s Market’s in their promotion efforts with another eco friendly message, that of reusable, organic cotton bags with eco friendly printed logos.”

With this new expansion, Farmer’s Markets can offer 100 percent organic cotton shopping bags for their customers. Branding the bags with the Market’s logo in eco friendly inks only furthers the sustainability of the Market, both in a green respect and in marketing potential.

Standard screen printing inks are made using petroleum products. They contain environmentally damaging phthalates and PVC compounds, and some also contain heavy metals and formaldehyde. Non-organic cotton production is one of the highest users of pesticides, and particularly insecticides, some of which are linked to cancer.

Mass and his Yes It’s Organic team have found an alternative. They employ eco friendly and fair labor screen printing for all their logo and branding services. Mass says, “Our eco friendly inks are water based, phthalate-free, PVC-free, contain no heavy metals or formaldehyde, and are free of harmful AZO compounds.”

Their 100 percent organic cotton market bags are USDA certified to ensure they are indeed organic.

Market shoppers understand the sustainable value in supporting local farmers. Some of them even bring their own reusable bags. “Most people don’t think about the bag’s composition and its overall eco footprint,” adds Mass, “and I think they’d be interested to know that while it’s a good alternative, their bag might not fully meet their green standards.”

The typical spraying [of insecticides] application results in volatile organic compounds being released into the air, contributing to our overload of greenhouse gases. Additionally, such spraying harms the health of the soil and pollutes ground water, lakes and streams. Excerpt from Article “Organic Fabrics – Making the Progression from Organic Food to Fiber” by Ed Mass, November/December 2008

“I believe Farmer’s Markets are a great avenue to promote learning about and leading sustainable lifestyles. And offering a 100 percent organic cotton shopping bag for their customers is an effective way to do that,” says Mass. “We offer several pricing and service options because we want to meet as many market needs as possible, from small to very large.”

Visit to learn more about the 100% organic shopping bags and Yes It’s Organic’s branding and logo capabilities.

About Yes It’s Organic:
Ed Mass, President and Founder of Yes It’s Organic has combined an over 45 year passion for protecting the environment and healthy living with an opportunity to influence the lives of others and our planet in a positive way. The store’s mission is to promote the growth of organic and eco friendly production from farming through manufacturing, along with Fair Labor/Fair Trade practices, and to provide healthy living for people and a healthy environment for the planet. The company offers items for the individual, the home, school, work and play. And it recently expanded to offer organic logo clothing and promotional products for organizations and events.